Review: Trigger Tammer for the Steyr AUG or USR

October 13, 2010

October 2010,

Just bought the Steyr Aug, .556. What I noticed – and did not like, at all – was the very clunky, long draw, sloppy snap of the trigger pull. On top of this, it took about 10 pounds of trigger pull to actuate the trigger. I am sure this is a great safety feature forĀ  Joe Troop, in the field, but it sucked for me and makes it real tough to be accurate.

After a web search, I decided on the $60.00 “Trigger Tamer,” found at

I ordered off of their website and it took about 7 days for the product to come in. From the website, this is what it looks like:

Here are some of my impressions regarding this addition to the the trigger pack:

  1. It does work. I did multiple dry fires, and found the trigger pull had improved by almost 50%, to around 6 pounds – a huge improvement.
  2. Ease of insertion: Yuck. I am fifty and my eyes are just starting to lose their ability to read really small print. When you look at the directions, you will see a single sheet with 12 steps and 8 pictures, plus one diagram. For me the directions were worthless. I had a friend of mine help me put the device in the Aug, that was a retired gun smith. The instructions, in my mind, are archaic, poorly illustrated, and frankly not at all well presented.
  3. Hinge Pin issues: This was the biggest pain. After installing the Trigger Tammer (took about 30 minutes to figure out and install), we found that the hinge pin would not stay locked. So, we took the trigger pack out, again, and compared the old Retaining Bold Lock. We found that the Trigger Tammer was just barely too wide and long. The only way we could get the Trigger Tammer to work was to ever so gently sand the right and left side, and also the rear of the assembly. Be forewarned! Do this at your own risk! I was lucky enough to have a guy that knew how to work on guns, guide me through this whole process. I can say that I am very happy with the dry fires, we did, and will take it to the range, next week, for a live fire. Also, the Trigger Tammer website does have better detail on the installation process. I would like to see a youtube presentation, personally.
  4. Does this void the warranty on your Steyr? Good question and I don’t have the answer.
  5. Does the Trigger Tammer impact safety? Any time you lighten the trigger pull of any weapon, it becomes inherently less safe.
  6. I came across one gun forum where they claimed the people from Trigger Tammer had threatened legal action for bad-mouthing their product. I could not verify whether this had actually happened, though.
  7. For me, I like this product.


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